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Trauma & Emergency Update Course


Time is of the essence during the critical post insult “GOLDEN HOUR”.  Faced with ever escalating violence and motor vehicle collisions there is an urgent need to ensure that our health care providers are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the poly- traumatized or critically ill patient.

The purpose of this course is to orientate the Health Care Provider to the initial assessment and management of the trauma or acutely ill patient, including the initiation of emergency procedures for life threatening conditions.

Upon completion of this course the health care provider will be able to;

A) Describe the concepts and principles of primary, secondary & ongoing patient assessment.

B) Establish management priorities in the event of a life threatening emergency  situation arising.

C) Make an accurate evaluation of the patients condition with regard to the mechanism of trauma and current status.

D) Demonstrate in a given simulated clinical skill practicum, the following skills used in the assessment and management of a traumatized patient arriving in your department. 

 -Primary, secondary & ongoing patient assessment & SAMPLE history.

- Triage and prioritizing of patients in a mass casualty situation.

- Airway and ventilatory skills.

- AHA BLS for HCP CPR skills.

Course Format

The course is presented with DVD’s power point presentations, facilitation of group discussions and hands on interactive practical skills.


4 days


ITLS provider manual, AHA BLS manual, Pocket Mask with one way valve & gloves in hard case.


Both a written test and several skills tests are required for course completion.


-Internationally recognized ITLS Certification,

-ITLS CPD certificate (CPD-accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa for 24 Continuing Education Units, including 1 CEU's for Ethics)

-Internationally recognized BLS Certificate

-BLS CPD certificate (CPD-accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa for 10 Continuing Education Units)

-Emergency Care Education Trauma & Emergency Update Certificate

Emergency Vehicles
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